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There’s a difference between





The fact that we all know what this means really says something about our social lives

you should all go to your blogs and hover over them

well shit

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listen when guys layer shirts like this


that’s actually all it takes once that happens i don’t even need to hear him speak i don’t care what kind of music he likes or how he feels about obama or how many potential stds he has just give me that shirt on a guy and the next scene in our lives will be a wedding i am the definition of easy i just need some layered fabrics

I did this once and it was the only time a girl ever complimented me on my outfit

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inexpensive (and cute) online clothing stores masterpost!!! (this list will continue to be updated)

  • sammy dress - korean store with very low prices, only downside is that it can take a little while to get to you if you don’t live near by
  • chiara fashion - uk store with reasonable prices, shipping is very cheap considering distance ($5 uk-us!!). con: must create account to buy
  • fashion 71 - korean store with really great prices, ships by weight
  • viejos amores - so cal store, quality vintage clothes with good prices, reasonable shipping
  • life is short but fake flowers are forever - an affordable etsy shop that sells realistic-looking flower crowns (custom orders are available)
  • east clothes - korean store with okay prices, has a week return policy 
  • body line - more expensive than the other links, though their lolita section is priced well when compared to other stores. also have affordable wigs for cosplaying
  • brave store - pricier than the aforementioned stores, but has reasonably marketed skirts, as well as averagely priced accessories (using code “pastelcutie” gets you 10% off)
  • hearts&mermaids - primarily for flower crowns (takes custom orders), but does have a few reasonable clothing options

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P E A K // ス ペ ク ト ラ ム
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